Saturday, November 21, 2009 is not just a business or website! TwoHubs is as the two words describe a Homonym of sorts.
Firstly, it describes the two people who started they are two guys from who basically grew up together living breathing and enjoying the sport of cycling! After college they both lost touch of each others whereabouts, but the passion they both share for cycling brought them in contact with one another once again!
Second, it means being interactive with the people who they have designed the site for; being aware of the wants and needs of their clients. They genuinely believe that a relationship with their target audience is the most important thing of all! Therefore, TwoHubs has been designed to grow with the feedback and constant direct interaction with it's clients.
And Thirdly, TwoHubs will open satalite locations around the country to offer honest, true, and unparalleled services revolving around the sport of cycling. So again TwoHubs meaning one in the Virtual world of the net and the other brick and mortar for those who seek person to person attention.

Here are some photos to share with you with some of our members and friends.

We hope that you will join us on this new adventure.

Cheers, and great riding!