Monday, November 30, 2015

Chrome Divo ST Campagnolo Record Corima S+47 MCC Complete Bike at

Brainchild of Pietro Caucchioli, the Divo ST is the vision of a man who has ridden over half a million miles and finished atop of the Giro d' Italia podium. Pietro, with his years of experience in product development within the Italian cycling industry, knew that there was truly something missing on the menu when it came to handmade Italian exotic bicycles.

The Divo ST is a hand-made tube-to-tube constructed carbon wrapped frame. It benefits from the tuned compliance of a lugged frame while taking advantage of the stiffness, aerodynamics, and good looks you'd expect from monocoque construction. Additionally, this handmade package allows the Divo ST to tip the scales at just around 900 grams to keep it at the front of the pack during ascents. Sprints, KOMs, or Gran Fondos - the Divo ST will be brilliant.

Able to compete against the stiffest and most aerodynamic of its Italian competitors, the Divo ST delivers compliance, style, and a truly versatile geometry that make it the best all around bike we've had to offer thus far. Offered in six off-the-shelf sizes ranging from XS to XXL, the Divo ST may also be purchased in custom geometry that is tailored to your needs.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wilier Triestina Zero.7 Shimano Dura Ace 9070 Di2 Complete Bike at

The 2016 Zero.7 is the next evolution of the groundbreaking Zero.7 platform. We have updated the model in terms of weight, design, and function.

At first look, there is a clear reduction of the volume of tubing. We recalled the spirit and feel of our tremendously successful Cento1 platform, creating a “family feeling” or design unity between the two models.

The classically angled top tube and a fully integrated fork both nod towards the most recent evolutions of the Cento1 series.

The virtually longer head tube, a technology also integrated from the Cento1 SR, increases torsional stiffness without sacrificing fit or the legendary Wilier Triestina ride quality.

For improved aerodynamics, we have introduced an integrated fork system. This is a point most brands don’t give priority to when designing a superlight frame. With the 2015 Zero.7 we have managed to reduce both aerodynamic drag and weight.

The 2015 Zero.7 also features redesigned cable routing. For the first time, the Zero.7 platform will feature internal cable routing, with a brand new elegant cable holder on the down tube.

We’ve made the 2-in-1 compatibility cleaner and more intuitive, making a platform that seamlessly integrates both mechanical and electronic groups.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Bormio NV1000 Campagnolo Chorus Complete Bike at

The new Italian star...with pedigree.

Having left a well-known high-end Italian bicycle manufacturer as the lead designer, the founder of Bormio now has the freedom to bring his visions to life without compromise and pressure to conform to marketing trends and profit margin objectives. The result is a beautiful pure Italian performance-oriented bike that isn't laiden with unnecessary techno acronyms claiming unparalelled performance (or the hefty price tag often associated with such marketing).

Bormio's NV1000 already feels at home here at with its simplicity, styling, and outright speed. In addition to looking fast and backing it up with its ability to accelerate and maintain speed, Bormio worked from the ground up to ensure the NV1000 would retain great ride comfort and remain light in weight. It goes without saying that torsional ridigity, aerodynamics, handling, and of course styling were no doubt at the forefront of Bormio's NV1000 mission statement. The NV1000 is the do-all lightweight aero road bike that'll allow you to endure the saddle all day long while drawing constant glances of envy and curiosity.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bianchi Oltre XR.2 Campagnolo Record Complete at

The Oltre XR2 was created for the rider who will settle for nothing but the very best.

Developed and continually refined to meet the demands of Pro Tour racers and discerning enthusiasts, the XR2 delivers lightning quick steering, intuitive stability, and unmatched acceleration.

Bianchi's proprietary blend of technology - X-Tex, WMP, and UTSS - selectively stiffens and strengthens our most advanced carbon frame. The XR2 carbon formulation sheds 30 grams and strengthens the frame by 20% over our first generation Oltre frame.

The Oltre cheats the wind with internal cable routing and proven aerodynamic design features found at the head tube, down tube, fork, aero seat post, and around the sculpted seat tube.

BB386 technology rapidly transfers power to the rear wheel while the oversize lower bearing in our well-sculpted head tube keeps its steering on-mark.

Oltre literally means beyond. The Oltre XR2 will take you beyond your wildest expectations.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sarto Dinamica Shimano Dura Ace 9070 Di2 Complete Bike at

For 2016 Sarto wanted to make the already menacing Dinamica even faster without sacrificing compliance and balance. Recall the original aim of the Dinamica to be an all-around race weapon - from criteriums and epic one day classics, to even the most casual Gran Fondo rides. From the vastest of flatlands, the steepest of grades, and the most treacherous descent, Dinamica is a bike designed to keep you at the front no matter how long or how hard. In order to optimize their seemingly flawless super bike, Sarto's designers went as far as resculpting each tube and conjoining junction to achieve perfection.

The down tube has more girth to contribute to torsional rigidity. The top tube's shape tapers from an unyielding triangular form at the head tube to a flatter oval at the seat tube to assist with compliance. It's the innovation in the hind quarters of the Dinamica that drew our attention. Sarto wanted to improve lateral stiffness and power transfer in this section of the bike without reducing compliance or vibration dampening. From the bottom bracket you'll find the chainstays dramtically alter in form - ovalized at the bottom bracket to square at the rear drop outs. These are just a handful of the details that demonstrate the lengths that Sarto goes to in order to achieve excellence with their handmade Italian bicycles.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Sarto Seta Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Complete Bike at

Sarto brings you Seta. This road frame, weighing 700 g , is the latest and most advanced frame Sarto has ever produced. The Seta features brand new tube designs, starting from the flat shape of the top tube to the ultra thin chain stays. M55J Carbon : The Seta is made of the best and stiffest carbon the market has to offer.

This type of high modulus carbon fiber ensure great compressive and tensile strength.

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