Saturday, January 29, 2011

JB's California Moto Cruiser

Well, we normally do not stray away from our niche of high end road, and mountain bikes, but when we saw what one of our friends in So Cal was up to, we had to do a BLOG on what he was doing and share it with all cycling enthusiasts!

The cycling world all to often gets becomes too heavily focused on the pro tours, the newest and lightest carbon fiber component, or the fanciest looking frame. This is all great and it is what we all love, however it is nice to once in a while take a look at the lighter side of the bike world, which brings us to writing this BLOG about JB (Jeff Brumitt), and his California MotoCruisers.

A little Background on JB: Jeff was an national level road cyclist back in the late 1970's butting elbows with the likes of Thurlow Rogers, and Steve Hegg. After a successful career of bike racing Jeff Started a software company which is one of the leaders amongst the Agricultural Software companies world wide. JB's love of cycling and his love for innovation and motor sports, prompted him to start building these vintage looking motorized cruisers out of his garage.

Jeff will be doing a motorized version of the FELT Slater as well as some of the European models such as the Le Mans cruiser which was inspired by the legendary Race Circuit in France. The colors of this cruiser also pay homage to the classic racing machine of the sixties! We can't wait to see JB's finished version of this bike!

In the meantime here are some more photos of the 1903