Friday, July 17, 2015

Bormio NV1000 Campagnolo Chorus Complete Bike at

The new Italian star...with pedigree.

Having left a well-known high-end Italian bicycle manufacturer as the lead designer, the founder of Bormio now has the freedom to bring his visions to life without compromise and pressure to conform to marketing trends and profit margin objectives. The result is a beautiful pure Italian performance-oriented bike that isn't laiden with unnecessary techno acronyms claiming unparalelled performance (or the hefty price tag often associated with such marketing).

Bormio's NV1000 already feels at home here at with its simplicity, styling, and outright speed. In addition to looking fast and backing it up with its ability to accelerate and maintain speed, Bormio worked from the ground up to ensure the NV1000 would retain great ride comfort and remain light in weight. It goes without saying that torsional ridigity, aerodynamics, handling, and of course styling were no doubt at the forefront of Bormio's NV1000 mission statement. The NV1000 is the do-all lightweight aero road bike that'll allow you to endure the saddle all day long while drawing constant glances of envy and curiosity.

More details on the Bormio NV1000 frameset.